Rules for Displaying and Selling Product at the Show

The following cannabis guidelines are set forth in order to comply with the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations. These rules must be followed in order to have cannabis product as display in booth and/or for sale at one of our onsite retail partners. These guidelines exemplify only the highlights of our SOP document. So please make sure to read the entire SOP carefully. If there is any ambiguity between these highlights and our entire SOP, the SOP prevails.

For returning Exhibitors, please make sure you pay attention as some information has been updated from our previous season. 



“Display Product” means Cannabis Goods that will be placed within an Exhibitor’s booth space for the sole purpose of showcasing the Exhibitor’s product range. Display Products can be opened for show and smell. Display Products will not be sold or consumed and may not leave the booth at any time during the show. The transport and preparation of all Display Products shall comply in full with all applicable-regulatory requirements. Cannabis goods removed from their packaging must be destroyed when the cannabis goods are no longer used for display. (16 CCR § 5405.)

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“Cannabis Goods For Sale” means cannabis goods that will be purchased by an Event Retailer and sold for a nominal value with the intent to be consumed on site.

As we are operating in strict compliance with the BCC, samples can only be accessible at Hall of Flowers through the retail partners on site and will be sold in compliance with all legal retail procedures. 

Giving away free Cannabis goods is strictly prohibited.

Under ZERO circumstances is it permitted to consume cannabis goods within the premises of the building. 
Our designated outdoor consumption area is the ONLY place that attendees can consume cannabis. 

If your goods contain cannabis-derived CBD, the products will be considered cannabis products and may not be given out at the exhibit booths as cannabis products may only be purchased at the retail locations.

If your products contain hemp-derived CBD, they should not be present at the show, as California currently prohibits the inclusion of any non-cannabis derived CBD in food and vape products. Currently under the CDPH’s guidance on CBD, they specify “the use of industrial hemp as the source of CBD to be added to food products is prohibited” for further reference.

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This year, our largest Arena booth exhibitors and Outdoor Activations must partner with a retail licensee to sell product samples from within booth.

In order to do this, regulations must be abided by in strict accordance with the BCC. Retail license and affiliated requirements must be sent to no later than September 3rd, 2019 to confirm your in-booth dispensary activation. 

To do: 

  • Submit a copy of an active Retail license administered by the BCC

  • Submit a list of employees from retail licensee 

  • Confirm delivery of product onsite will be done by licensed Distributor 

  • Operate in compliance with all BCC / daily standard dispensary regulations

  • Limit of 8 product SKUs (100 units each) to sell from within booth

  • Package to receive a dedicated POS station and affiliated training with our tech partners can be arranged. Please contact for more information 

  • Must submit visual proof of locked containers for storing cannabis product in booth (SEND IMAGES OF THIS BY SEPT 11th)

  • Pay local taxes to the city of Santa Rosa following event (Cannabis Industry tax)

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Similar to previous seasons, our Boutique and Boutique Plus booths are able to sell product within our on-site retail dispensaries, provided all regulations are complied with. 

Boutique Booths will be issued 2 bins (4 gal each) in which they can fill up to (100) units of 1 Product SKU each. 

Boutique Plus Booths will be issued 4 bins (4 gal each) in which they can fill up to (100) units of 1 Product SKU each.


All Boutique and Boutique Plus Exhibitors selling product at our onsite dispensaries will need to submit a product sample submission form for each of the SKUs your booth is brining, at least 7 days prior to the event. Please fill these forms out PER BOOTH, not per brand

The form will be sent to all applicable Exhibitors in early August 2019 and will be required to be submitted no later than September 9th, 2019.


e encourage you to buy cardboard boxes of the bin dimension - 10” x 10” x 10” via or at your local store in order ensure that your 100 units of product will within the provided bin.

We do require that all product drop-offs arrive packed in a box of this rough dimension. We will have some onsite for you and your Distributor to fill prior to passing it into the onsite retailers. Distributors cannot drop off the inventory to the onsite retailers if the products are not within the respective cardboard boxes.

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Delivery MUST be done by a licensed Distributor or licensed Microbusiness. If your Distributor is not directly affiliated with your brand, you must have a representative accompany them at the time of drop off. Please note that booths are limited to just one Distributor / Delivery drop off, even if you have multiple brands exhibiting within booth.

Information on your designated retail location onsite, drop off dates and time slots will be released in mid-late August, yet plan on having the drop off occur between September 16th & 17th, 2019.

We must receive an email containing the manifest and COA that matches the batch codes of the products you will be sampling no later than September 11th, 2019 (1 week prior to the event). We must receive the physical copy of the manifest & COA upon delivery.

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Please be sure that the copy of the Manifest is correctly made out to the appropriate retail licensee as the Receiver:

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The batch code on the packaging MUST match the code on the COA and manifest provided 7 days in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS. If the batch code doesn’t match the COA, then we will have to reject the product. If your Distributor shows up with an updated, new COA that is not the one we received via email, we cannot accept it.


In order to remain fully compliant, providing samples to buyers will be treated as a sale transacted upon by our on-site retail partners. As a result, our retail partners are going to purchase from you each sample at a nominal value of $0.50 and will be selling those samples for $5. These figures take into account the necessary sales and excise tax that must be charged to the consumer. 

In order for a Retail Buyer to purchase these samples, you will be receiving a unique coupon that correlates with the designated sample.

Payment for the sold products will be administered in a ‘Net 30’ model, and can either be finalized at the end of the show or via money orders following the event. This will be handled together with your designated retail partner. 

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