Culture Magazine

Established in 2009, CULTURE became the #1 Cannabis Lifestyle news source in the United States. As legalization has become reality, the publication continues to inform, educate and entertain readers with the latest news and lifestyle trends of the cannabis culture.

A hallmark of the publication is our celebrity interviews, which includes renowned musicians, athletes, actors and politicians all of whom embrace cannabis.



Broccoli is an international magazine created by and for women who love cannabis. Offered free of chargeBroccoli explores and shapes modern stoner culture by looking at cannabis through a global art, culture and fashion lens.

Published three times a year, Broccoli gives cannabis a dedicated space to be discussed in a fresh, stylish and approachable new way. 

Dope Magazine

Defending Our Plant Everywhere - Founded in 2011 - Dedicated to normalizing our differences, DOPE Magazine is the legal cannabis community's premiere lifestyle media platform. Discover DOPE's one-of-a-kind content monthly in print magazines, digital platform, social media handles and events. Read. Watch. Be DOPE by visiting

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Emerald Magazine

The Emerald Magazine is a consumer-based publication for culinary, recreational and lifestyle trends. The Emerald explores industry events, travel destinations and rising trends while enlightening the public on social, medical and on-going advancements with cannabis. Awarded Best Marketer for 2018 by popular vote, Emerald Magazine is the number one resource guide for the industry. Founded in the cannabis capitol of the world, the Emerald Triangle, the magazine has a free monthly print and digital circulation, which can be found online or in California and Massachusetts


As the embodiment of cannabis culture, MARY explores the advancements, popularity and vast positive potential, while eliminating the stigmas, clichés and stereotypes surrounding this misunderstood mainstay of modern culture.

MARY is a biannual publication comprised of an international contributor base from New York to Tel Aviv that is committed to educating, enlightening and cultivating the cannabis community. With its widespread reach, MARY holds global events to further marijuana initiatives and foster respect for the cannabis movement.


MG Magazine

The key to success in business media is experience. For more than four decades, our team has been publishing journals and magazines for some of the largest industries around the world. Since its inception, mg has been the undisputed market leader in providing the cannabis industry with a high-end business publication that clearly, and accurately, reflects this new and emerging market. Every issue is a reflection of our commitment to unbiased journalism, meaningful photography, and progressive design. More than that, each issue is an impression of a dynamic industry and its diverse vanguard of innovators and modern trending brands. When you read mg you will clearly understand why experience matters.


Our mission is to produce original, engaging and unrivaled content through our pens and lenses. We aim to positively elevate the cannabis lifestyle movement while providing an insight into this burgeoning cultural evolution through compelling visual communication.