They call him supermensch and we’re excited to call him this season’s keynote speaker. Shep Gordon is an entertainment industry legend who’s been responsible for the careers of Alice Cooper, Groucho Marx, Raquel Welch and countless others. But this Hollywood icon got his start by selling weed to rock stars like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison. Gordon will sit with Chris “Drama” Pfaff to share his serendipitous journey of weed dealer to music industry pioneer by taking us through the evolution of culture and why challenging the status quo is the new normalization of doing business. It’s a sit down sure to prove the notion that everyone loves the weed guy.



Chris “Drama” Pfaff is the man behind Young and Reckless, the apparel brand he’s fueled with staying power for over 20 years by keeping it attainable to everyone and ahead of the trends. Today, as someone who’s watched their dreams become a reality, Drama is focused on helping teach and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, do-ers, and innovators, most notably by launching ‘Short Story Long,’ a podcast dedicated to catching up with friends and individuals - Kyrie Irving, Wiz Khalifa, Simon Sinek - who have made a name for themselves while overcoming obstacles. 



Vivien Azer is the OG cannabis analyst and first senior Wall Street analyst helping shift global markets by covering cannabis as an emerging sector. Her expert insight into the financial and global aspects of the cannabis market has solidified Vivien as a thought leader who’s wisely tuning into its culture. Vivien’s current work as managing director at financial firm Cowen and Company is continually moving the needle and has been featured across numerous media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes, Barron’s and CNBC.