Day Two at Hall of Flowers
Thursday, September 19th
Welcoming Buyers, Press, and Industry and Featuring our Speaker Series

Being A Pioneer In Big Business, our Season 3 Keynote featuring
Shep Gordon hosted by Chris 'Drama' Pfaff
Gordon will sit with Chris “Drama” Pfaff to share his serendipitous journey of weed dealer to music industry pioneer by taking us through the evolution of culture and why challenging the status quo is the new normalization of doing business. It’s a sit down sure to prove the notion that everyone loves the weed guy.

Inside the Numbers: Cannabis Intel and Insights with Vivien Azer
Vivien will lead a presentation surrounding her recent experiences and outlook on what’s new, next, and possibly not even on your radar for the future of cannabis.

Creating Loyalty Through Community, a conversation with Jim Jones and Coltrane Curtis
Jim and Coltrane have both lived the evolution of the words ‘influencer’ and ‘community’ firsthand as the times have moved from offline to online. They’ll sit together to talk about the significance of staying connected to your audience and being an early mover on modern-day marketing through it all.

Cannabis Curiosity & Creative Connections with April Pride, Kate Miller and Vanessa Lavorato
These leading ladies of cannabis discuss how developing a creative approach to curiosity enables them to use their platforms to connect with their community and make it a safe place to push a more progressive conversation.



They call him supermensch and we’re excited to call him this season’s keynote speaker. Shep Gordon is known to the world as a top talent manager, movie producer, and entertainment industry staple who’s been responsible for the careers of Alice Cooper, Groucho Marx, Raquel Welch, Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Kenny Loggins, and countless others. But this Hollywood icon got his start by selling weed to rock stars like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison. Shep’s stories are what legends are made of, so much so that Mike Myers made a movie out of it.



Chris “Drama” Pfaff is the man behind Young and Reckless, the apparel brand he’s fueled with staying power for over 20 years by keeping it attainable to everyone and ahead of the trends. Today, as someone who’s watched their dreams become a reality, Drama is focused on helping teach and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, do-ers, and innovators, most notably by launching ‘Short Story Long,’ a podcast dedicated to catching up with friends and individuals - Kyrie Irving, Wiz Khalifa, Simon Sinek - who have made a name for themselves while overcoming obstacles.



Vivien Azer is the OG cannabis analyst and first senior Wall Street analyst helping shift global markets by covering cannabis as an emerging sector. Her expert insight into the financial and global aspects of the cannabis market has solidified Vivien as a thought leader who’s wisely tuning into its culture. Vivien’s current work as managing director at financial firm Cowen and Company is continually moving the needle and has been featured across numerous media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes, Barron’s and CNBC.



Jim Jones is a hip hop icon, television star, entrepreneur, and entertainment mogul under Roc Nation Management. He is perhaps most well known as an original member of hip hop collective, The Diplomats, who graced us with the classics ‘We Fly High’ and ‘Pop Champagne.’ Jim is also a partner with Saucey Farms, the cannabis brand with New York flair fused with Cali quality that’s loved by hustling adults, creative minds, and the future generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. With over 5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, Jim brings Saucey to the forefront of the public eye and solidifies it as ‘The Brand Ideal for Everyone.’



Coltrane Curtis has made a career out of being first. He was one of the first employees at Ecko, as well as Complex magazine, the first to understand the power that hip-hop had in fashion, and the first MTV VJ to focus exclusively on red carpet fashion. Retreating from a world of celebrity pomp and circumstance in order to pursue a real world business goal, Curtis started the first modern influencer agency: Team Epiphany. The world doesn’t need another agency, but it does need more companies like Team Epiphany – a true melting pot of backgrounds all driven by a love for the culture.



Creative entrepreneur April Pride is a brand, design and product innovator. In 2016, she launched Van der Pop which quickly became North America’s leading cannabis lifestyle brand for women. Recognizing the specific demands of this consumer, April’s emphasis on education and discretion while addressing stigma has become a benchmark in cannabis marketing. Within a year of launch, she negotiated Seattle-based Van der Pop's acquisition into the opportunity-rich Canadian cannabis market where she led the brand to its current home at Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company. In early 2019, April co-founded Of Like Minds, a mission-driven cannabis marketing brand that continues her role as an advocate for women who choose to pursue cannabis as a profession and for personal consumption.



Kate Miller is the co-founder and CEO of Miss Grass. Dubbed the “Goop of cannabis” by W Magazine, Miss Grass is cannabis for the times – a plant-based shop + magazine to help consumers get good at weed. Inspired by her stint working at a dispensary in college and powered by a decade-long career in entertainment where she worked alongside Ben Silverman (The Office, Ugly Betty) and most recently ran brand partnerships for Lorne Micheals’ Broadway Video (Saturday Night Live, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Portlandia), Kate is dedicated to serving the fastest growing cannabis consumer segment by creating the first centralized platform that authentically represents the modern woman.



Vanessa Lavorato is a co-host and culinary producer on Viceland's premiere cannabis cooking show Bong Appétit where she combines her talent in the kitchen with her knowledge of cannabis. She is the founder of Marigold Sweets, a cannabis confiserie. Since 2010, she has hand-crafted gourmet chocolates in California, while covering the food scene for Paper, Monocle, Time Out, and Resy. She staged in Alice Waters' Rome Sustainable Food Project where she learned to cook regional Italian dishes. She lives in Los Angeles.